Frenchie Bulldog Meet Ups- Where Should We Go?✈️

We are busy planning our Frenchie Bulldog Meet Up schedule and we have narrowed it down to a few cities! Where do you want us to come next? Take the poll below to help map out our Spring/Summer meet ups!✈️


April 30, 2018 — Austin Stevens


Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club said:

How about Park City, Utah? Weather is always cooler for Frenchies! 🙏🙏🙏


Mel said:

San Diego! There’s sooooo many frenchies in San Diego!!!

Mark Dempsey

Mark Dempsey said:



Brooke said:


Denise Raczka Flett

Denise Raczka Flett said:

Come to Scottsdale AZ for the Day of the Dog !!
Running of the frenchies and bulldogs as well as Weiner Dog races ..
November 17-18
We will be there sporting our sweatshirts , harnesses and comfort collars !! 🐾


Jenni said:

Traverse City, Michigan


Nolin said:

New York City!

Amanda Lyn Menichini

Amanda Lyn Menichini said:

New York City!

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