Rub-A-Dub-Dub, Pup in the Tub!

Did someone say “BATH TIME?!”

Before your dog(s) starts running away from the tub sit them down and explain the benefits of taking a bath! Soothing for their joints, smelling fresh, preventing fleas and bugs, etc. Our friends over at Bonsai Kennels are known as the dog gurus! They have put together a step by step list for the ULTIMATE bath time ritual. Little did you know that items such as Epsom Salt, baking soda, tea tree oil, etc could be so good for your dog. Check out their bath time concoction below!

  1. Run hot water
  2. Add baking soda, mix until dissolved (helps to deodorize your pup and PH balance/soften water)
  3. Add Epson Salt, mix until dissolved (helps soothe aches, pains and heal minor scrapes and wounds)
  4. Add tea tree oil (helps as a natural astringent, healing infections and killing fungus)
  5. Add other essential oils to prevent fleas and bugs (eucalyptus, lemongrass, lavender, citronella, etc)
  6. Let the water cool to your desired temperature and then bathe your dog
  7. Use a mild shampoo (don’t use flea shampoo if your dog doesn’t have fleas, it dries out their skin and fur)
  8. Rinse with clean water
  9. Towel dry you pup(s) and enjoy your clean pet!

Let us know if you try out some or all of these techniques! We want to see your bath time photos using #FreshFrenchieBulldog

Smell ya later friendchie friends and thanks again @dakkydak for the information



Tamie Green

Tamie Green said:

I love these… How do I get some of these ear covers??

Patricia Griffin

Patricia Griffin said:

Love the pics

Caroline Bockhorn

Caroline Bockhorn said:

I cannot wait to try this with my Frenchie, Minnie! Where can I buy this precious little head towel????


Lauren said:


Can you mix all the items (baking soda, epsom salt, and oils) together or is it best to choose one at a time? I would love to try these tricks for my boy ?

D. Allen

D. Allen said:

Great post! My Frenchie, Alice, has had her share of skin issues already in her 3 short years! We’ve gone back and forth as to what shampoo to use… we live in SC, so temperatures are hot and humid in the summer, and skin allergies flare up in the fall and spring due to grass, tree, and weed pollen. And she is prone to yeasty flare ups. Suggestions for shampoos and bathing frequency are much appreciated!!!


Susan said:

I want to know where one can get that adorable head towel to cover the ears that the dog in the pic is wearing!


Ilene said:

where can I get that cute head towel that keeps their ears dry?


Michelle said:

OMG!!! Where can I get one of those bands???? LOVE IT

Katherine Hall

Katherine Hall said:

But where to get the bathing costume?

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