What We Feed Our Dogs

What We Feed Our Dogs

Hi guys! Going back to further discuss our tips and tricks for getting rid of tear stains, we wanted to share with you the dog food that we reccomend for preventing tear stains. As mentioned, in the previous blog post, diet plays an integral role in controlling tear stains. The right diet for YOUR pup is so important- their development, skin/coat/eye health, allergies, energy levels, and overall wellbeing are all affected by diet. Keep in mind, it may take time to find the diet that best suits your dog, as we have tried so many different kinds of food and brands, what works for one dog might not work for another. Every dog is different and we recommend speaking with your vet about the right diet for your dog. Our pups have tried both cooked and raw foods. 
However, this is the dog food that we currently feed our pups and have found to be THE BEST cooked food option for them. (AND - We scored a 50% off discount for you guys! So make sure to click THIS LINK to automatically apply the discount) :
What it is:
Freshly made dog food delivered right to your door.
Why we like this brand:

The meal plans are customized for each dog to meet their specific nutritional needs and use human-grade USDA ingredients. Designed by veterinarians, this brand takes all the guesswork out and formulates a meal plan that is the best fit for YOUR DOG. You don't even have to remember to order more food! The personalized plan not only takes into account the ingredients that best suit your dog but also the portion size for each meal. This was another huge pro for us because we travel quite a bit and would often forget to bring along a measuring cup. Aside from the convince of the portion planning, the amount of food your dog eats is just as important as the quality and type of food. 


How it works:

Make a profile for your dog(s) and fill in the step-by-step questions. (Easy questions but cover all of your concerns)   


A personalized meal plan is then created for your dog based on the answers you provide. You can then choose which recipes-meal options you would like to try.

Just as quickly as you customize your pup's meal plan, the box of healthy, fresh dog food is delivered just days later! 

Each food bag is labeled individually with your dog's name (We LOVE this), the recipe/ type of food, and the amount to feed them each day! This is so helpful because if someone else is feeding your dog or if you just forget how much to feed them, you can just look on the bag (Ex: "Half Pack Per Day") -No measuring cups required! 

Another huge plus is that you don't have to remember when to order more food or try and figure out when you will need more. They do all of the math for you, so you will never run out of food nor will you ever have too much food. 


Rub-A-Dub-Dub, Pup in the Tub!

Rub-A-Dub-Dub, Pup in the Tub!

Bathing your dog can be extremely beneficial! Check out the step by step bath ritual our friends at Bonsai Kennels have put together! 


How to Train Your Puppy to Walk on a Leash ūüź∂

How to Train Your Puppy to Walk on a Leash ūüź∂

You just brought home your new puppy and find out from the vet that your dog can’t go outside for a walk, to the pet store, or on playdates etc. until they have all of their vaccinations. Which is roughly when they are 14-16 weeks old. It is SO hard not to show off your new addition to the world but even harder because you need to start training your dog to walk on a leash. If your dog has to wait to enjoy the outdoors until their vaccinations are finished then how are you going to train them to walk on a leash so late in the game?
( @sdbullies )
We recommend training your new puppy right away in the comforts and safety of your home! Our tip is to get your dog used to wearing a harness right away. I would always give my dog a treat when it was time to put the harness on. When they saw the harness coming, they knew something good came of it. Once we were able to go outside for a real walk I no longer had to bust out the treats because the walk was the reward!
( Monty from Bowburn)
When you and your pup are ready to start training, attach the leash to your harness and do a few laps around your home every day, teaching your dog how to sit and heel in the process. This will get your dog into a good routine and in doing so, when you are finally free to go outside, your dog will already be a pro!
Most people want to wait until their new addition is fully grown before purchasing a harness or collar. It might cost you to purchase a new harness when they grow out of a size but it’s worth it to get them accustomed quickly and early on. Who knows, you might (will) get another dog who can utilize the harnesses next! If you don’t need them, you can always donate them to the nearest animal shelter, they would appreciate it greatly!
We sell small duo reversible harnesses for our pint-sized cuties and they will typically last them until they are 4-6 months old (depending on the dog). No need to wait until they are fully grown, go ahead and spoil your new family member and give them the gift of Frenchie Bulldog!
Tear Stains - Our Top Tips and Tricks

Tear Stains - Our Top Tips and Tricks

How do you get rid of tear stains? -  This is such a common question we are asked, so we have put together our best tips and tricks on how to finally get rid of tear stains and prevent them from coming back! We also rounded up our favorite, tried and true tear stain products including blueberry facials (Yes, I said facial ;) and more!  Hope you guys find this helpful :)

One of the key words here is PREVENT. The best tip we can give is to prevent tears from becoming tear stains because tear stains themselves are more difficult to remove once they have "stained/dyed" the hair. 

How to PREVENT tear stains...

1. DIET DIET DIET. Tear stains and over production of tears can be caused by diet. Making sure your dog's diet fits their own personal needs is MAJOR KEY. Beauty comes from the inside, no? I will list some great foods/brands in the next blog post to try if you are in search of a new food to help with the tear stains. It may take a few tries to find the the right food that best suites your pup, but definitely worth it- not only for tears stains but for the overall health of your child (I mean dog ;)

 2. KEEP IT CLEAN. - and D R Y ! This is crucial to the  prevention process. If you see a boogy, wipe it off ASAP. The longer the hair around the eye stays damp, the higher the chance of the tears/boogy staining the actual hair follicles. -just like dying your own hair.    I like to keep these products handy for wiping and preventing stains. 


Best products to TREAT  already existing tear stains...


1. TropiClean SPA Blueberry Lavish Tear Stain Remover Facial Cleanser - A yummy blueberry facial :)

How/when to use: We recommend using 1-2Xs every 2 weeks as needed. 

Ingredients: Water (Aqua), Mild Coconut Cleanser, Vanilla Planifolia (Vanilla), Vaccinium Cyanococcus (Blueberry), Actinidia Chinesis (Kiwi), Vitamin E, Avena Sativa (Oatmeal), Camellia Sinensis (White Tea), Zingiber Officinale (Ginger).



2. Earthbath Eye Wipes 

How/when to use: Anytime you need to clean or wipe off the eye area.

Ingredients: Purified water, aloe vera, sodium chloride, boric acid, witch hazel, natragem, citric acid, vitamin E, natural preservatives.



3. Natural Dog Company  Wrinkle Balm  -We love the travel stick because its small (the size of a human chapstick) and its size allows you to easily apply the balm directly from the stick itself - no fingers or wipes required = less mess.

How/when to use: Apply to creases and folds between skin throughout the day when the area you are applying it to is clean and dry. 






We hope these tips work for you! Please comment below if you have any tips of your own to share! We would greatly appreciate it! As always, make sure to check with your vet prior to trying these tips!







product photo cred: amazon.com

November 06, 2017 — Bridget Daly