Summer in San Francisco - Lily and Porter

July 27, 2016 2 Comments

Summer in San Francisco  - Lily and Porter

We had such a blast in San Fransisco with our long time friendchies Lily and Porter!

Heres some snaps from our adventures with them:

Porter (left), Lily (center), Leo (right)


MOUNT DAVIDSON - the highest natural point in San Francisco



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September 07, 2016

I have a white Frenchie that is beautiful. Her name is Bonnie and I want her to be a forever customer. Our first order was between sizes an I want to make future sizes are good. She is obviously between sizes but I want to make more purchases. Please be aware of this .
Bonnie’s mom

Shannon Schwendeman
Shannon Schwendeman

August 11, 2016

Got my two harnesses for my Frenchie’s today and I could not be happier:) finally a product that fits my dogs perfectly thank you so very very much !

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